The conversation went something like:

If you wanted to build an interactive art object what would it be like?

It should peoples attention from far away.
It should make people smile.
It should make people feel good about themselves.
It should take people on an emotion journey. In other words, make them feel good and then take that away.

Hmmm… What is something kind of universal that almost everyone likes to do?




The button started out as a stack of light weight MDF rings glued together.










After a few hours of machining and a nice coat of sealer we have this hollow shell of a button.


Wrapping the button in automotive vinyl took a heat gun, a squeegee and a lot of patience to get all the wrinkles out.  Added the lettering and it’s started to look like a button.










A CNC cut a plywood frame to hold the button and all the mechanical guts.  Here you can see the linear bearings to give the button it’s smooth action and the bit of MakerSlide for mounting the pop-up sign.  The sign was laser cut and back-lit with 300 APA102 RGB LEDs.










All the electrical components before they got wired up.  We have a power bus bar, 12V to 5V DC-DC converter, audio amplifier, DC motor speed controller (for future fan powered accessories), Adafruit MusicMaker MP3/Wave PCB, a Teensy 3.2 and a stepper motor driver.